Catch a Wave

It’s time to hang 10 at the mall—and we’re not talking about that clothing line for the ‘80s either

Retailers are disappearing quicker than the dollars in your wallet these days. So to keep your local mall from looking like a recession-bound ghost town, malls are turning to Flowrider to bring waves of people in.

Adrenalina sporting goods store in Miami International Mall is one of the half-dozen venues around the U.S. experimenting with Flowrider, a man-made surfing attraction.
Where in the past you could head over to Circuit City at your local mall to pick up a new plasma tv, you can now hang 10 Hawaiian style. Just be sure to bring your swimsuit.

As an article in the NY Times points out, retailers and landlords are looking to any gimmick they can, a la Flowrider, to draw consumers back to shops.

And now, thanks to our tanking economy, you can learn how to surf—at the mall--even though there’s a beach and ocean right here in your own backyard.

Cowabunga, dude. 

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