A Day in the Life of Blaze, Hialeah's Search-and-Rescue Dog-in-Training

Meet Blaze, a 1-year-old golden retriever who is training to be a part of the City of Hialeah's Fire Rescue's first live find search and rescue dog.

"If there was a building that was to collapse, we would be able to take Blaze out to the scene and have him find anyone that might be trapped," said K-9 handler Barbara Gonzalez-Tamburello.

The never-ending obedience lessons start at Hialeah Fire Station No. 7 and end with field trips to piles of rubble.

Barbara must make sure Blaze can detect live human order.

"If the need arises for someone trapped or someone who needs to be found, the city of Hialeah has a dog that’s going to be able to handle that situation," she said.

By reading her dog’s body language, this duo tackles any test. They’re taking his training step-by-step to make sure Blaze passes his hands on certification exam come January.

"I can’t wait for the day we can go out the door as a team," Barbara said.

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