High Brow

Get lined up on what your brows should look like with an event at the Village of Merrick Park

You’ve waxed them, plucked them, drawn them in. You’ve even had them threaded—and man, did that hurt.

Enough messing around with your eyebrows. Let a guru show you what to do, because, after all, a bad pluck could leave you looking like an angry jack-o-lantern for months. And Halloween is oh-so far away.

Anastasia Soare brings her brow studio estheticians to Nordstrom at the Village of Merrick Park this Friday to fix the mess you’ve made of your own brows.

Soare, known around the world as the “Brow Guru” and “Star Plucker,” is who celebs flock to when they need a good tweeze. Even Oprah uses her. And you know if Oprah uses her, she (probably costs a fortune) and is the best—bar none. After all, Oprah’s got that whole best life thing to live up to.

Speaking of costing a fortune, Anastasia rakes in $32 a wax. Since not everyone can afford $16 a brow (hey, most people pay less than that for both), Anastasia created a do-it-yourself kit in the $80 range (roughly three trips to see her in person) to teach you how to stop contouring those brows in a way that makes you look perpetually surprised. 

"My goal is to make the eyebrows beautifully symmetrical," she says, "because even when features are asymmetrical—as they most often are—well-shaped brows will bring a kind of harmony to the face," she tells O Magazine.

While Anastasia herself won’t be there, one of her trained minions will help bring your best brows forward. They’ll guide you on the shape best for your face and then coerce you into buying the kit so you can do it yourself the next time around.

Sure, why not. You’ve done worse to the hair on your face. At least this has instructions so you’ll know what you’re screwing up as you go along.

Just be sure to RSVP to 786.999.1313 so you can shape up.


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