It’s Electric

The Electric Bicycle Store

WHEEL DEAL: We love the whole idea of riding a bike, but seriously, why pedal when your bike can do it for you? Enter The Electric Bicycle Store. The new South Beach shop specializes in a wide variety of for-sale and rental motor-powered bicycles. From beach cruisers and mountain bikes to more standard models, this place has just what you need to get moving, including electric scooters and skateboards, too. So how do they work? Just juice up your bike by plugging it into your everyday outlet and then saddle up. You can still work the pedals, but a battery-operated motor gives you that extra edge so you can take the scenic route and not worry about sucking wind. GET IT: Rentals starting at $55 for a full day, for sale prices vary per model.1622 Alton Road, Miami Beach. 305.508.4040.


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