Jude Law Voted Sexiest Woman Alive

It's not enough to want to be Jude Law; now I have to want to make out with his neck, too? Gee thanks, Sally Potter. Thanks for making the most beautiful man on the planet into the most beautiful woman on any planet. Jude gets dragged into Potter's latest film Rage, scheduled to have its premiere at this year's Berlin Film Festival, and costarring Steve Buscemi, Eddie Izzard, John Leguizamo, Judi Dench, Dianne Wiest, and Lily Cole.

According to Potter’s website, Rage is about “the ugly use of beauty in the pursuit of profit”, and Law—who she notes has had his own beauty used against him—took on the role of “celebrity supermodel” Minx, with “a ‘female’ beauty which gradually unravels as the story unfolds.” Listen, all I know is that Mr. Law looks damn hot as a dame, and it makes me want to “gradually unravel” that dress he’s wearing.

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