Julia Roberts Outs a Nutjob Costar – Almost

Which of Roberts' leading men went ballistic on set?

On Letterman plugging her film Duplicity, Julia Roberts impersonated a costar who went all Christian Bale on the set of a movie she was in. (Missed it? The clip is over at Jezebel.) How bad was it? SO bad, apparently, that the actor in question got mad at an acorn falling from a tree and ordered his driver to run down a member of the crew. Julia Roberts has to be bleeped and fuzzed out during her tale, because, it's Letterman, and America's Sweetheart doesn't swear, you know.

Most importantly, which actor is she talking about? We know it's not her Duplicity costar, Clive Owen. We have some ideas:

1) Hugh Grant (Notting Hill) We've always suspected him to be a closet powertripper.

2) Mel Gibson (Conspiracy Theory) Nothing closeted about this actor's temper, right, sugar---s?

3) Denzel Washington (The Pelican Brief) Brilliant actor. Seems eerily mad at the world, though.

4) Anyone we're missing?

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