Mapping the Best Pizza in Town

Pizza goes interactive with a new site that maps notable pies where you live

Are you excited about pizza? Like, click-a-dot-on-a-map excited?

Welcome to Pizzashare, a brilliantly simple Web site that combines two of our favorite things: Google maps and pizza. Users add their favorite pizza joints to the map, and the bigger its red dot gets, the more fans that place's pies can claim. Type in your zip code to get started. We checked out New York's Pizzashare locations, and it already features some of the best pies in town.

But, as the pizza lovers over at point out, there's nothing to stop a pizza joint from gaming the system to grow thier own dot. Users can vote for, or share, their favorite pie shop as many times as they like.

More features are on the way, according to site creator Mike Mueller. Get ready for geo-location, tagging, microblogs for each pizzeria, a recommendation tool and a recommendation tool. Or if you have any smart "zaa" ideas, comment on the pizzashare blog.

So far this idea sounds delicious; can Burgershare and Steakshare be far behind?

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