Chef Andrea Randazzo on Top Chef: “It Was Definitely an Experience”

The local chef heats up season 7 of the Bravo show

Top Chef season seven is making its way into your kitchen this Wednesday on Bravo.

Seventeen sizzling contestants will battle it out in the kitchen for the culinary title, including one of South Florida's very own Top Chefs. Andrea Curto-Randazzo is bringing her Miami spice to the competition, and definitely heated things up in the kitchen.

"I can't say it was totally my idea," says Andrea Randazzo. "But it definitely was an experience."

You don't have to wait to see Andrea's master creations on Top Chef. You can check it our for yourself at the newest hot spot to hit North Miami Beach; The Water Club. She, along with her husband Frank, run the restaurant that sits right on the intracoastal, serving up American classics with a twist.

"It's a 27,000-square-foot, beautiful, on the water restaurant with a pool, an outside bar, a deck, a lounge everything you could possibly want and more," said the Executive Chef of their new restaurant.

The duo are no strangers to the kitchen. They've been cooking together for more than 15 years and own South Beach gem Talula, along with a catering company. So do they ever get tired of working side by side? Not at all, they say.

"The Water Club kitchen is  6,000 square feet, so I can easily find a place to disappear to while she is doing her thing," jokes Frank about working with his wife. "We definitely balance each other out and are absolutely better as a team," added Andrea.

In fact, both Andrea and Frank tried out for "Top Chef," but Frank never got the phone call.

"I thought I was really getting on," said Frank with a big smile. Andrea laughs while her husband jokes that it would make sense she would instead of another male chef with a receding hairline. "I just don't know what happened," says Frank.

Andrea described her experience on "Top Chef" for us in three words: interesting, exhausting, and once in lifetime.

"If ever I was to do TV, ideally I would like a cooking show, something that is on my terms where I am inspiring people and teaching people," said Andrea. "Who knows, maybe 'Top Chef' will bring me to that point, let's hope."

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