More Eryn Brinie in Your Closet

…plus thrifty threads and extended spa savings

AUTUMN ATTIRE: Eryne Brinie’s fall collection lands in Miami in just a few days. And while the cool weather that goes along with the season’s look is still months (and months and months) away, you can start incorporating the line into your wardrobe long before our eternal summer’s days stray. Eryne Brinie’s dresses are light and flowy, making them do-able for Miami girls. Look for the line to feature ‘80s-inspired pieces in shades of charcoal, slate, brown, blue and beige. It’s the perfect way to add a little mute to your multicolored Miami wardrobe.

SECOND TIME AROUND: Rest assured your dress is one-of-a-kind when you pick a vintage find. But you don’t have to root through thrift stores to get your second-hand stuff. Luckily, boutiques like Aleissa’s Collection, a vintage boutique in Coral Gables, do the thrifting for you at estate and garage sales. All you have to do is stop in, stock up and sport that retro designer style. Plus, for all you greenies out there, buying vintage is the most fashionable thing you can do for the environment. 2268 Coral Way, Coral Gables; 305.588.2654   

SECOND CHANCE: Just when you were about to kick yourself for not cashing in on Miami Spa Month’s spa-wide $99 treatments, the R&R gods shined their varicose vein-removing laser light on you and extended the spa-tastic treatments another month. Now there’s absolutely no excuse for you to miss out on that 50 minute Squeaky Clean Facial plus Lapis Mineral Soak at Lapis Spa. Through August 31. See list of participating spas here.   

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