NiteTalk: DJ Africa on the Latin ReMixx in Music

Miami's pretty much locked its slot as the primary place for Latin music; in fact our polyglot town probably boasts more kinds of Spanish sounds than anywhere else on earth. So it only makes perfect sense that a brand like Hennessy would come here to pump this summer's Latin Mixx. The event's called Latin ReMixx, and it takes place Thursday night at The Albion. Miami's own Latin spin sensation DJ Africa fills us in on the action.

For the few who don't yet know, who's DJ Africa and what makes him click? DJ Africa is just a kid with a dream that turned into a man with a mission... the mission being to share my passion for music with all of those who want to listen, Therefore what makes me click is music --
as a part of me, as a way to express ourselves, but most importantly as a way of life.

How'd you get to be a member of the Hennessy DJ Collective? Well, I can tell you with a lot of dedication. Most people don't realize sometimes what DJs give up to pursue our dream, our passion as a career of choice. While they are enjoying a night out we make sure that they walk away satisfied and wanting for more, just as we do. We want more to be successful. You can't ever be satisfied with every new goal achieve, you must set new ones. It's a real honor for me to be part of the Hennessy DJ Collective because we all know Hennessy sets the standard for exclusive, and we are showing how exclusive Latinos can be.

Does membership really have its privileges? For a long time now when we think of Hennessy we think of luxury, exclusiveness, elite... so I can say as a DJ  that my biggest privilege in being part the  Hennessy DJ Collective is that I can be sure that I must be doing something right and as a Latino. What bigger privilege can someone ask than to represent a culture that I am so proud of?

Speaking of privileges, what's this Thursday's Hennessy Mixxer Series all about?
It's a chance to share ideas and experiences, and a great opportunity for all of us to get more acquainted with people in the industry. After all music makes all of us part of one big family.

Who else will be paneling up with you? I will be paneling with Enrique Santos, Mingo Marrero, Marlon Peña, Angie Martinez and DJ Blass.

Have you worked with any of the above before this? I have worked for a long time with Enrique Santos doing radio, he is a great person and someone who I can call at any moment and know he will pick up. With Mingo we worked in the beginning creating mixes. They both are for me more than co-workers they are like family.

If there was one thing you'd like folks to take away from "Music Takes the Spotlight", what would it be? To remember that we DJs do our best for them. When you hear a remix you like of a song, when you like the tunes you listen while stuck in traffic or that club you keep going to because the atmosphere captured you, remember there was a DJ involved in that. Lots of people like music, but we love music and there will always be a DJ there to make your life just a little happier.

Hennessy Latin Remmix "Music Takes the Spotlight" takes place Thursday June 14, 6pm at The Albion 1650 James Ave South Beach. For more information log on here.

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