NiteTalk : El Chino DreadLion Makes His Joey's Debut

Some folks may know El Chino DreadLion from Yerba Buena, with whom he spent the better part of the last five years. But as any Miamian will tell you, the racket-maker was obliterating genres long before his stint with the Grammy-winning dance band. Hear what he's obliterating now when El Chino makes his Joey's Wynwood debut this Thursday night.

In a sentence, who's El Chino DreadLion and what does he do? An artist that creates music to cure souls.

You've got your Joey's debut on Thursday -- what can diners and drinkers expect? I'm playing with RosaMora, which a band that consists of Phil Maranges, Kenichi and me. And we play New Age reggae meets Afro Beat.

How'd the gig come about anyway? They called; we answered.

Will this be a regular gig?
Maybe once a month... well see.

Don't you have a Wednesday residency?
Yes, that's at Hoy Como Ayer, and that's with Tropicasa, which features Murk's Oscar G. It's the evolution of house music.

How long has that residency been goin' on? Over a year now.

What else does DreadLion have coming up? I'm spinning and singing at The Clevelander on February 3rd -- that will be an electronic journey you will definitely enjoy.

El Chino DreadLion and RoseMora plays Joey's Wynwood Thursday January 26 8pm. Happy Hour runs all night long.

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