No Need for Silence at This Abbey

Bar brings crafty brew to Miami

There’s a point everyone reaches in their life when they’re just sick and tired of chugging MGDs and taking keg stands of Budweiser. This usually happens sometime after college or once the person finally begins earning an actual salary.

Once this day comes, the loss of desire for the cheap and lust for well-brewed hops leads one to the Abbey Brewing Company. The Abbey is advertised from the street simply as “Bar.” It appears to be the size of a large closet with only a few wooden booths and some stools. However, the Abbey is filled with flavor, known for its wide beer selection and also for its own microbrews. This is not your typical cloister fare.

The Abbey has been serving beach-goers since 1995 and is a haven for those wanting an intimate, familiar and friendly spot to enjoy a simple drink with complex flavor. For the adventurous, you might want to try the Abbey Quadruple, which has a way higher alcohol content than most any other beers in the fridge.

Open every day from 1 p.m. to 5 a.m., there’s plenty of time to sample all the designs of microbrews and Belgian specialties available. There’s a dart board, so keep your eyes peeled for flying daggers and practice your aim.

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