Nuts About Coconuts

Good grub if you’re on a deserted island, but there’s so much more to coconuts

Early Spanish explorers called them “monkey face” because of their triple indentions, but around here, we just call them coconuts. Chances are, with the slew of storms we’ve been having, you’ve been seeing a lot of monkey faces falling out of the trees.

But before you toss them aside, take into consideration all the things coconuts are good for.

FRAGRANCE FACTOR: Beneath the unattractive brown husk of the coconut lies a sweet scent used in perfumes, lotions and deodorants. Keep the odor away with Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Healthy Deodorant. It’s 100-percent healthy, natural and effective—even in this heat. Plus, it’s great for dry skin. Retails for $18, available at Sephora.

SHINE FACTOR: Indian women around the world have been slathering their scalps with coconut oil to promote growth and encourage repair. Global Goddess brings the age-old technique to the masses with Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment. Think of it as a tropical vacation for you hair. Retails for $45, available at

MOISTURE FACTOR: Coconut oil is chocked full of antioxidants. It also repairs skin damage from sun exposure and other environmental elements. Considering we live in Miami, we need all the help we can get from head to toe. Speaking of toes, try Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème to keep your piggies soft and smooth, and then try a little E.L.F. Vanilla Coconut Conditioning Body Butter to keep the rest of you feeling like silk. Burt’s Bees retails for $9, available at Whole Foods. E.L.F retails for $4, available at

THIRST FACTOR: Coconuts are good for your insides, too, so toss that soda aside and get climbing that palm tree for a better drink. Some of the many benefits of coconut water include seriously intense hydration. Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, a sports drink, has more potassium than a banana and five essential electrolytes in one serving—and it’s all naturally derived from young coconuts. Plus, the company gives five percent of proceeds back to the communities where the coconuts are farmed, and its packaging is eco-friendly. Sounds like this is the kind of nut you’ll want to crack wide open. Retails for $1.99, available at Whole Foods

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