Outsource Your Love for Mother

Let’s face it: you love mom, but you’re busy. Shopping, eating, hanging out. Not to mention the myriad “stuff” you need to deal with. You’d love to give her the personalized attention she so richly deserves, but sometimes time is just too tight. Never fear.

We have the solution for you: MomSourcing.

MomSourcing is a free service that uses a call center to place a personalized phone call directly to your mom on Mother's Day. By outsourcing, you can free up your Sunday while knowing that mom will be in good hands with one of MomSourcing's Relationship Specialists. Plus, you'll have peace of mind when you receive the confirmation email that your mom has been assigned to a specialist this Mother's Day.

All you have to do is go online, fill out a short form and let MomSourcing do the rest.

You can also listen to a sample call and hear for yourself the magical memory that MomSourcing provides. One of their call center specialists will personally tell your mother that “your child” loves her “very much” and wish her a day “full of enjoyment.” These are words that would warm any mother’s heart… whether it’s coming from you or Sandeep.

If your mom has any trouble with the Mother’s Day call, she can simply refer to the confirmation number provided by the outsourcing professional.

Think how touched she'll be when she hears those words: "Mom, this is your child calling." Sign up today for a very special call and free up your Sunday.

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