Curator of Playful New Art Exhibit: This Is Something You've Never Seen Before

There's something "creepin" in SoFlo -- and we aren't talking about the "Jersey Shore" crew in SoBe's clubs.

The Bear and Bird Gallery, located on the second floor of Tate's Comics in Lauderhill, has brought out the good, bad and the just plain odd at its "Peculiar Playmates: Curious Sculptural Artworks" exhibit.

"It's like Christmas: you open the shipping boxes and you have no idea what you are going to get," said Amanda Magnetta-Ottatti, gallery owner and curator. "You know what their style is and quality of work, but you never know exactly what they are going to do."

She added, "It's fun, they always surprise me."

And with participating artists from South Florida to Berlin, there are plenty of presents to uncover. The exhibit, which will run through Sept. 25, showcases handcrafted works like stuffed monsters, human-like (and sometimes mutilated) dolls and even animal skulls.

"Everybody that comes into our store is a collector of something -- whether it is toys or comics or books and with any collection you evolve with what you collect," said Magnetta-Ottatti. "With the art gallery, we tried to help people evolve what they collect into something that is one of a kind. This is not something you've ever seen before."

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