Marketing Machine Sebastian Puga Celebrates Super Sweet 27

Charlie Garcia

For marketing machine and Miami socialite Sebastian Puga, an intimate birthday party with just friends and family isn’t complete without one the biggest emerging Latin artists performing simply because you asked him to.

Diego Garcia is good friend who I met a couple of years back in New York City," Puga said. "I couldn’t be happier that he is performing -- I know my friends and family are going to love him.”

Puga celebrated his 27th birthday last night at The Standard Hotel with about 100 of his closest friends and family. The club kid, who will celebrate with a big bash Friday at Coco de Ville, has made a career out of his partying ways after breaking into the nightlife scene at 19-year old.

“It’s a great lifestyle. I love to network and work with people in some of the best cities in the world,” said Puga. “But I have to admit, sometimes it gets old -- but I never forget how blessed I am.”

Now the owner and operator of Propaganda, Puga got his big break when he was brought on as the director of promotion for Rokbar where he became the go-to-guy for a good time on South Beach.

“One of my best birthdays was at Rok with Tommy Lee,” said the beaming birthday boy, laughing. “He came in, DJ'd, drank a bottle of Jagermeister and would just have girls following him wherever he went. He was a really good time.”


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