See “Old Jews Telling Jokes”

Did you hear the one about how a bunch of old Jews telling jokes went viral? Welcome to our new favorite thing.

We knew from The Daily Show segment in which correspondent Wyatt Cenac jets down to Boca Raton to talk election politics with retirees that we wanted these people to get their own show. And now they do! Kind of.

Old Jews Telling Jokes could not be simpler. It's a website featuring video of people with names like Bert Busch and Louis Goldstein standing in front of a white screen, Mac-commercial style, telling a joke. Sometimes the joke runs blue, which is even funnier. The concept is a little bit Woody Allen, a little bit Catskills, and a little bit Rob Reiner's mother asking for "what she's having" in the infamous When Harry Met Sally deli scene. And it's pretty much guaranteed to make you happy. The site's barely 10 days old, but we'll be checking back often for new shorts.

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