Soul Collective Motors to Miami

Kia offers test drives, drinks and live music at Awarehouse

Ever want to test drive a car, get free drinks and listen to live music at the same time? From Thursday through Sunday, Kia Motors is hosting events where you can do just that, called Soul Collective. The name lends itself to confusion since it’s the reverse words of the super cheesy band that brought you “Shine” in ’94. It sounds like the vibe Kia’s going for with this promotional tour is a little less alt radio pop and more hip hop. 

The whole shebang will take place at the Awarehouse, a large indoor and outdoor space that can double as a club or a gallery. Tonight is the preview event from 9:30 to midnight featuring DJ sets by Lazaro Casanova and Egg Foo Young, with free beverages by Kia.

This is a ten city nationwide tour promoting the 2010 Kia Soul, which you can actually test drive at the parties, preferably before you consume ten drinks. There’ll also be some art installations and video screenings. Hopefully all the art will feature the Kia Soul, for instance an Andy Warholian Kia or a Picasso Kia. The video work promises to be good. It’s directed by Jonas and Francois, two 27-year olds who also directed Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. video and Kanye’s Good Life, pretty talented dudes.

On Friday and Saturday, there’ll be music from Clipse, J. Cole and B.O.B. and then a performance by NERD on Sunday. I guess Pharrell’s been hanging out in Miami a bunch these days. The group recently performed at the multimedia festival Future Classics, in Wynwood, earlier this month.

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