The Collabo Show

Art comes to Little Haiti

Although galleries are cropping up all over town, moving in or out of Wynwood or the Design District, we’re lucky enough to have a few nights that keep things simple. All the art and people in one easy place. 

The Collabo Show will be one of those events where you don’t have to wander around town with an empty cosy, you can just roll up and situate yourself in one location. Sure it’s all the way in Little Haiti, but all that means is that you’re just that much closer to Churchill’s at the end of the festivities.

This art show will be taking place from 7 p.m. till midnight this Saturday night. It’s one night only, but man this show has tons of Miami artists participating. The list seems endless. Even Miami’s favorite music guru Rat Bastard is participating.

We don’t know for sure, but it sounds like a BYOB situation, or maybe a don’t even B any B. But let’s be honest, a show that lasts until midnight is probably going to be a decent social outing. There was talk of a live aquarium, maybe something fun to stare at. Suppose you must go to know what it’s all about.

Artists include, Aja Albertson, Bhakti Baxter, Romulo Del Castillo, Robert Chambers, COOPER, Aiden Dillard, Jason Hedges, Jay Hines, Justin Long, Kathryn Marks, Meatball, Federico Nessi, Daniel Newman, Brandon Opalka, Tao Rey, Isabel Moros Rigau, Giancarlo Sardone, Jen Stark and many more.

Check it out at 85 NW 71st Street.

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