The Little Black Dress Event

You hear of all these great events for charity and giving back while having a fabulous time. But sometimes, the greatest gifts come from you, to you.
Sometimes, it’s okay to go to an event just for fun and have it benefit Y-O-U. This is why, for all my ladies out there, there’s a night where you can put on your most fabulous little number, beat the summer heat and enjoy music, fun and a drink or two on the house. Ladies, mark your calendars for July 16, and let me introduce you to Blue Martini’s “The Little Black Dress Event.”
Ladies get pampered before they even walk in the door. Just wear a cute little black number to any Blue Martini Lounge location, and you get a free glass of champagne and a free raffle ticket. That raffle ticket, my friends, is your gateway to free designer merchandise. We’re talking a range of $100 to $1,000 in designer gifts! What exactly are the items, you ask? Oh, just some designer purses, designer shoes, sunglasses, spa gift certificates, and weekend getaways at resorts and hotels, maybe some more stuff (note the sarcasm).
Even if designer isn't exactly your thing (pfff, yeah right!), the main premise is to have fun. It's a night dedicated to you. It's a night of great live music, entertainment and all-out fun for you.
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