The Taurus Returns!

The Taurus is back in the Grove

Coconut Grove has become a sort of resting spot for chain restaurants these days; there's even a Chili's in Cocowalk.
But there are still those of us old enough to remember wandering the Grove, strolling into Yucky's, Cafe Tutu Tango and the Little Big Store for things like silver earrings, "incense" and tapas. Around that time and before that, there was a busy bar, where music played and drinks poured freely: the Taurus. Though this familiar outpost on Main Highway closed down in 2002, it's doors have reopened to the excitement of many thirsty locals. 
The Taurus was housed in one of the oldest buildings in the Grove, and remained a watering hole of some sort or another for over 80 years. It was christened The Taurus in the '60s and was a significant landmark ever since.
Inside the one room cottage, the atmosphere is homey and somewhat fancy with a cream colored stone wall and fireplace, which faces a well-stocked bar. There is outdoor seating and a short food menu of apparently delicious hamburgers and crunchy wings. If you're hungry for more, just run next door to Calamari for some seafood and then return to finish off with a nightcap. 
The old Taurus was filled with personalities, salty dogs, Miami old-timers and future Miami old-timers. Let's just hope the new crowd remains true to this unique city on the bay and the bar's former glory. Sure the scene inside has changed somewhat, but maybe the new look will keep the old and bring in new customers. Perhaps gentrification can take this old neighborhood only so far without removing all that makes it unique and flavorful. Head down for another round to 3540 Main Highway and hop on a saddle.
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