The World According to John Irving

The Biltmore hosts the famed author

If you’re literate, or even if you’re illiterate, but you watched movies, you’re probably familiar with at least one of John Irving’s tales, "The World According to Garp," "The Hotel New Hampshire" or "The Cider House Rules." All three of these of his novels were made into movies, became hits and featured actors Robin Williams, Michael Caine and Rob Lowe. There are few living authors who have written as many quality, instant classics, read and loved all around the world. If you’ve had the pleasure of consuming one of Irving’s complex, sexually explicit and emotionally challenging novels, you’ll know that his prose is worthy of the long read and not just of watching as an interpretation on the big screen.

The brilliant and sometimes controversial author will be speaking at the Biltmore Hotel to a crowd of Miami’s literati, watching with bated breath and books in hand. Themes of his most recent epic novel, Last Night in Twisted River, reflect some of his own life experiences. It takes place in the northeastern US, Irving is a New Hampshire native, and the main character eventually becomes an author. When the novel begins, the protagonist is a twelve year old boy who becomes an unlikely accidental killer of the constable’s girlfriend, thus turning he and his father into fugitives, running from the relentless pursuit of the law. It’ll probably be a long, satisfying and unforgettable read.

Tickets are required. Either you can purchase an autographed book ticket ahead of time to trade for a pre-signed copy of the novel or pick up one of the few limited free tickets. Both are available at Books and Books. The reading starts at 7:30 in the Country Club Ballroom.

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