Thursdays A Gay Old Time at Buck 15

Club gets crazy when boys take over

When Buck 15 opened somewhere around Art Basel 2004, it reminded the tranced-out Beach scene that subcultures can also fill a room. Before Buck, Lincoln Road hadn’t seen anything this cool since The Beehive.

Five years later, the atmosphere remains laid back, the furniture still neat and beat up, collected from local thrift stores. Located above and sharing a toilet with Miss Yip Chinese Cafe, Buck 15 has plenty to ogle. Owner Jennie Yip has been collecting toys since living in Tokyo in the 90s, which are on display alongside urban inspired and local art.

The best night to go really is Thursday, but don’t get there South Beach late, be there before 11. The night is gay and called The Simple Life, hosted by Eddison Farrow. Whatever your taste, there’s eye candy for you here. Best of all, it’s really fun! DJ Daisy D spins everything, from Robin S to Beyonce, and everyone, we mean everyone, dances. 

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