Vivian Girls’ Kickball Katy Takes Bruise Cruise

Vivian Girls' Katy Goodman Shot by Ian Witlen Resized
Ian WItlen

Unless you're reading this from a smart phone, chances are you're not among the many few fortunate enough to be setting sail on the inaugural Bruise Cruise. Otherwise, you'd be kicking back a cocktail right about now amid a contingent of indie racket-makers while the Miami skyline fades into the distance. But fret not dear reader, because Niteside hit Grand Central last night for the Bruise Cruise kick-off party and managed to persuade Vivian Girls' Kickball Katy Goodman to give us the ol' black-and-blue. Never has a knock on the noggin felt so good.

We'll make this quick...

Black or blue? Black.

Aw, I was hoping you'd say both, you know, for Bruise?
Figured as much. But do I look like the kinda gal who falls for set-ups?

Now that you mention it, no. So I'll  move on: Knife or gun?

Okay, you're the shooting type. Gotcha. If you were to slug someone, would you use a right cross or a left jab? I assume a right cross since I'm right-handed. People generally stay outta slugging range though.

What's the most bruising song you've ever heard in your life? Bruising how, as in ego? 'Cause I could name a few of those.

Could be bruising heart, bruising ego, whatever you prefer. Um, probably Carly Simon's "You're So Vain."

Good one. Okay, boxers, do you have a favorite? No, but I like the dogs a lot.

Huh? Like the French punk band? No, no, like the breed [you knucklehead]. The dogs with the smushy face; they're very cute.

Duh. Sorry. Joe Louis famously said: "Let your right fist be the referee." Would you agree?

Is there such a thing as a clean fight? Sure.

Would you fight one? I do fight clean fights all the time -- with my words, and my ideas.

But is that really a clean fight? Seems to me you clearly have the upper hand.
Yeah, it's clean. I don't cheat. I don't lie.

You don't cheat? You don't lie? Ever? Nope.

So no country music for you? I like country music.

But it's all liars and cheaters. It's about liars and cheaters; I don't think it's by liars and cheaters. Not the best of it anyway. The songs are pretty honest.

You know, you're absolutely right. And I think we'll end with those words... Thank you!

Have a kickass Bruise Cruise!
Will do.

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