Whirl Crash Go!

Local performance artists the TM Sisters will rock the local art world with their latest exhibit

Natasha and Monica Lopez de Victoria have been shaking their tail feathers for years to bring their brand of interactive, stimulating art to the world. They’ve shown in places as far away as Moscow, quite a feat for two twenty-somethings from South Florida.

Known as the TM Sisters, these young ladies use movement, performance and bright colors to express their vision. Years back they handed out temporary tattoos with lighning bolts on them so everyone could wear TM art on their their sleeve. Their work is fun and playful, but it’s also intense and very Miami (in a good way).

"Whirl Crash Go," their exhibition at Locust Projects, thanks to the 2008 Hilger Artist Project Award, will be their most ambitious, epic performance yet. The entire space will be transformed to allow for their performance, which includes each of their pet athletic activities, synchronized swimming and roller skating.

The TMs are taking their passions, these sports and art, and bringing them together to entertain and connect the audience and performers. Their work interprets visually, whatever it is in the universe that enables us to grow, emote and resolve. So, the show is not just about what you see at the moment of activity, but also about what it’s taken to get to that activity.

The TM Sisters often use many medias and colloborations to create a cohesive show, and this one will not differ. There will be animated video projections, collaborations with Otto Von Schirach on the music, a supporting crew of performers who’ll be wearing designs by Karelle Levy of Krelwear. The talented two are guaranteed to impress with their vision and execution.

The opening will take place on Saturday from 8-11 p.m. at Locust Projects’ new space, 115 NE 38th Street, #100.

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