Wilhelmina Hot Body Finalist Mike Fitch: Miami “For Sure” Helps My Chances to Win

012011 mike fitch

Over 3,000 model hopefuls have entered the Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search, and top 10 finalist - not to mention 305er - Mike Fitch says he definitely thinks living in the Magic City has upped his chances of winning.

"For sure," Fitch told Niteside. "There's a lot of beautiful here that concentrate on their fitness and the way they that they look. It's definitely one of those areas that you need to stay on top of your game."

He may have one other thing, too - the fact that he's been a strength coach, rehab specialist and nutritional consultant for the past 12 years. Still, Fitch says it isn't his bulging biceps (at least not entirely) that has helped him crack the top five male finalists.

"The competition is about fitness and staying healthy which I live my life doing everyday," he admits. "But in my opinion, symmetry is the biggest thing with my own body - I don't have to be the strongest  or biggest guy in the gym."

He added, "I think I have a little bit of a different look going on -  I'm just happy to be in the top five and competing with these other guys."

The finals for the Wilhelmina Hot Body Contest - which partnered with Shape and Men's Fitness - will be held the first week of February, with the grand prize winner chosen at the end of the week. Until then, ladies will be happy to know muscles aren't the only the only things up for grabs when it comes to Fitch.

"I am 110% single," he said. "It's funny because you hear it's hard find to find a good girl or a good guy in Miami, but I think that's one thing that draws people to Miami - is that it's not actually conducive to relationships.

"As long as people like me for my personality, that's all I care about."

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