Downward Dog on a Dime

Make like a tree pose and leave the house for some free yoga in the park

Yoga classes are expensive. An hour and a half of sweating and stretching in a warm room will cost you about 15 bucks. This is sort of a tragic price tag for a little exercise. Alas, there’s a solution: free yoga classes three times a week out in a patch of urban “nature.”

If you can brave the heat and mosquitoes, this class at Bayfront Park can be quite rewarding. Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at the Tina Hills Pavilion you can stretch your way to the next level of consciousness. It’s a covered area with a pleasant view of the bay. If it rains, which it very well may all this summer, classes are moved to the Bayfront Park office.

Hailed as Miami New Times’ Best of Miami 2006 “Best Free Exercise Class,” all classes are taught by a certified yoga instructor. The class is for all levels, so the instructor offers different poses for your comfort level. You have to bring your own mat, since this isn’t your regular studio, and water’s a good idea, too.

The weekday classes start at 6 p.m. and Saturday classes start at 9 a.m. Everyone over 18 is welcome to join. Just make sure you sign in: classes are grant-funded and so organizers need names to prove they’re actually doing something productive -- just like you in Warrior I.

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