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Al Capone: Gangster, Tough Guy, Songwriter



    Al Capone: Gangster, Tough Guy, Songwriter
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    Oscar and Al. It has musical written all over it.

    Studs Terkel noted that people around the world respond to someone who's just told them they're from the Windy City with "Oh, I know Chicago! Bang! Bang!"

    Al Capone is truly the man who made Chicago infamous, but soon people the world over may think of a new sound when they hear about Chicago -- the love song of its most famous gangster.

    Capone never sang to the feds, but his stint in Alcatraz turned him into a songwriter.

    It turns out he penned a traditional Italian love song he called "Madonna Mia," but it has never been performed.

    Rich Larson, from the Capone Fan Club (that's right -- there's a Capone fan club) was instrumental in putting a band together to record the music.  He called the song a "tearjerker."

    The song is soon to be released on CD.  An inscribed copy of the music is now up for a cool $65,000, the Associated Press noted.

    "Madonna Mia," by the way, is also a poem by Oscar Wilde, who spent some time in jail himself, although for entirely different reasons. Not sure if Capone was trying to tell us something there.