“Google Voice” Syncs Phones to One Number

Google's new program routes work, home and cell calls to one number and turns voicemails into text messages

Google's done it again.

"Google Voice" is the search engine juggernaut's latest life-changing computer program and allows users to sync office, cell and home phone calls to one number, Fox News reports.

The program uses voice-recognition technology that routes all calls to one easily accessible line. The speech-recognition capability can also transcribe voicemails into text messages, which can be read on Google's Gmail service or on any cell phone.

Google's new service is free, unless users make long-distance calls on the program. It's the latest attempt by the Google giant to branch out from the Web into other forms of communication - a Google-brand phone was released with much fanfare earlier this year as a competitor to the iPhone.

The program will be available Thursday to users of Grand Central Communications, a company Google acquired in 2006. It will be available to the public in the coming weeks, Google rep Craig Walker said.

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