Deadly Fiery Crash In Front of a Church In North Miami

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Members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church were arriving for Sunday service when they found out about a deadly single-car accident that happened in front of the building just hours before.

Service workers removed the remains from the accident just yards away on NE 135th Street just before Sunday morning’s worship service.

“I saw the car on fire and I go outside and try to open the door but I can’t. The door was locked,” witness Gustavo Castellanos said.

The impact killed the driver as the car burst into flames, nearly sending a light pole into the church.

Pastor Dennis Bartels was in his office early when everything happened.

“I heard this crash, I came running out. I saw the accident and the severity of it and the car was already engulfed in flames,” Pastor Bartels said.

The cause of the accident is still unknown as police continue to investigate.

“it was a single-car accident and a life was lost and we always dread that when we see things like this happen,” Bartels said.

The identity of the person who died in the accident has not yet been identified.

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