Five Ways Sex Makes You Beautiful

Young love! Ah, so romantic. Like any other bride-to-be Kendra Wilkinson, Playboy model and “Girls Next Door” star, is walking on air. And when asked by People magazine how she’s keeping fit for her big day, the 23-year-old extolled the health benefits of good sex! “A lot of it,” her fiancé, Philadelphia Eagles player Hank Baskett, added. Really, what else would you expect one of Hugh Hefner’s former “girlfriends” to say? But the girl’s got a point.

A healthy sex life—from the deed itself to the messy cleanup afterwards—does a body good in all kinds of ways.

Sperm softens your skin...: Your guy’s semen isn’t just for baby-making and ruining those nice Martha Stewart bathroom towels. It’s also a skin softener! A Norwegian company called Bioforskning is synthesizing human sperm and selling it for facials that go for $250 a pop in America. Of course, you know you don’t need to pay that much.

Sperm also boosts your mood: A 2002 study found that women who were exposed to sperm because they weren’t using condoms reported being less depressed than women who did use condoms or were not having sex. Although it is possible that women who have unprotected sex are in more stable, committed relationships and that is making them happy, scientists also say semen contains contains “mood-altering hormones,” such as testosterone and oestrogen, which enter a woman’s bloodstream hours after the man has ejaculated.—[New Scientist]

A sack session increases blood circulation: All that sweating and grunting sometimes sounds like a session at the gym, but getting laid is actually a good workout for you, too. As your heart rate increases during sex, blood pumps harder throughout your body and expels toxins from your skin. —[Savvy Women Magazine] Ah, so that’s why you look so flushed!

The hormones released during sex reduce pain: Sore shoulders or a headache are no longer reasons to say “not tonight, dear"—the increase of endorphins from the oxytocin hormone, which are released during a romp in the sack, can ease body pain, according to the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone,” which surges through our bodies after we have contact with one another and puts a smile on our faces.—[WebMD]

Sex hormones help you sleep better: Not only does the oxytocin hormone make you feel all coupled up, but research has shown it also helps you sleep.—[WebMD] “Beauty sleep,” as we smart girls know, is not just an urban legend!

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