Miracle Mom With Broken Neck Delivers Baby

Doctors say first of its kind childbirth

Tanja Rose was 7 months pregnant when she suffered a broken neck in a traumatic car accident. She survived but she had to wear a "halo" which is a metal frame screwed into her skull to restrict her head and neck movement while she recovered.

Not only that but Tanja, who lives in El Cajon, California with her husband Robert and their two year old daughter,  really wanted to give birth naturally. She had to wear the halo for twelve weeks, beyond the baby's birth date.

"It's been a roller coaster because with the halo and well, is that coming off, will I be able to deliver naturally and or is it going to have to go C-section," worried Rose.

Giving birth with her head and neck in a brace has never been done before according to her doctors at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.  But miracles do happen and Sarah was born healthy and happy .

"Sometimes there are no words for it but she's here and she's a little miracle girl and yes we're going to have an amazing story to tell this little person," beamed Rose.

It seemed the "halo" really worked.

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