Smells Like BO

If you've got BO, beware, you can’t hide it from the ladies—That’s because women can smell body odor better than men, according to a new study (we probably all knew this already, but whatever).

The study was conducted at Philadelphia’s Monell Chemical Senses Center where they found women are more in tune with underarm stench because they use its biological makeup to find dates, uh, mates. 

"Our studies indicate that human sweat conveys information that is of particular importance to females," Charles Wysocki, a behavioral neuroscientist said.  "This may explain why it is so difficult to block women's perception of sweat odors."

Researchers had men and women rate the strength of underarm sweat samples.  In samples where BO was masked with other fragrances, women pinned down the stink much easier than men, scientists said.

They used 32 fragrances in an attempt to mask the BO smell in the samples.  Nineteen of those covered up the aroma from men.  Only two hid the smell from women, according to the study.

But ladies, don’t think you’re immune to BO.  And you don’t want to be if you’re lookin’ for some lovin’!  When it comes to body odor, a January 2006 study showed men rate a woman’s attractiveness at different times of the month based on her body odor.  Underarm sweat apparently tells a man when a woman is fertile, which makes her more desireable, the study said.

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