Think and Grow Svelte

Shhh… there’s a new fitness secret and it’s… The Secret. Or The Power of Positive Thinking. Or Creative Visualization. Whether a hardcore new-ager or a dabbling optimist, now you can think and grow svelte.

If you’re a yoga devotee, you’ve probably experienced health benefits from the gentle stretching and focused concentration of your mind. Now health fanatics can jump into the game with Flexxation.

Flexxation is an LA-based group whose exercise philosophy puts the focus on becoming aware of the body during exercise “as opposed to ‘checking-out’ of the body.”

By combining techniques such as “conscious breathing and muscle activation” and “link[ing] the breath to each movement,” creator Amy Cheryl got the idea for mentally engaged exercise when she was struggling with obesity in her teens. Now she shares that vision with her clients.

So the next time you head to the gym, think about not putting on your headphones and spacing out. And if you want more help, Flexxation offers DVDs on their website.

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