3 Injured, Including Grandfather, in Shooting Outside Lauderhill Store

An altercation outside of a Lauderhill store resulted in three people being injured by gunfire

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Police responded to the scene of a shooting in Lauderhill that left three people injured early Sunday morning, including two bystanders, one of them a grandfather o 10.

A call that came in at approximately 3 a.m. reported shots being fired outside of a Lauderhill store.

A man who was urinating in the back of the store ran into another person, and the two began arguing.

The man who was urinating left and came back, which is when the gunshots began.

Police are still unsure about who started the shooting.

Two people not involved in the altercation were injured but transported themselves to the nearest fire station. According to police, none of the injuries are life-threatening.

The family of one of the injured bystanders, a grandfather spoke to NBC 6 and said he borrowed his father’s electric wheel chair to ride to the Kwik Stop around the corner in the middle of the night.

They say he was shot there, then took himself on the chair to a nearby fire station where he got help.

"When my sister went up there she said they saw a lot of blood at the fire station," a family member who did not want to be identified said.

The sister of another victim meantime says he’s in the hospital in surgery to get the bullet removed from his hip.

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