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6 Things to Know – Your Top Stories For Friday, April 19

What to Know

  • It’s Friday, April 19th – and NBC 6 has the top six stories you need to know for the day.

It’s Friday, April 19th – and NBC 6 has the top six stories you need to know for the day.

No. 1 – Keep that NBC 6 app handy as showers and storms are in the forecast for most of Friday and morning and return in the afternoon and evening hours – but the wet weather clears out before the holiday weekend.

No. 2 - The Broward County Sheriff's Office is investigating cellphone videos that show deputies pepper-spraying and tackling teenagers Thursday afternoon outside of a McDonald's in Tamarac.

A witness told NBC 6 that a large crowd of students from J.P. Taravella High School had formed outside of the restaurant before 3 p.m. after rumors that a fight was going to happen.

No. 3 - Two women are facing armed robbery charges after police say one of them pulled a knife on a Doral liquor store clerk as they tried to steal bottles of cognac while accompanied by two children.

Police said the women entered the store with two children who were around 10 years old. The women distracted a store employee while one concealed two cognac bottles worth about $100 each in her purse, police said.

No. 4 - After facing a rocky road on its way to Tallahassee, a bill expanding access to medical insurance benefits for Florida firefighters with certain cancers was approved unanimously by a House committee.

With a resounding "yes," Florida House State Affairs Committee on Thursday passed House Bill 587. If approved and signed by the governor, it would make firefighters diagnosed with certain types of cancers automatically eligible to receive disability or death benefits.

Last week, NBC 6 highlighted two South Florida firefighters who lost their lives to cancer and their loved ones' battle for lawmakers to pass the bill.

No. 5 - It's now up to Congress to decide what to do with special counsel Robert Mueller's findings about President Donald Trump.

While the special counsel declined to prosecute Trump on obstruction of justice, he did not exonerate him, all but leaving the question to Congress. How far lawmakers will go, though, remains unclear.

No. 6 - This year, the start of Passover and Good Friday fall on the same day. Passover is celebrated for eight days while Christians across the world prepare for the Easter celebrations this Sunday. For a list of community events and what’s open and closed, click here.

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