911 Calls Released in Fatal Shooting of Tow Truck Driver in Lauderdale Lakes

Authorities release 911 calls in shooting of David Herr

Authorities have released the frantic 911 calls from the fatal shooting of a tow truck driver in Lauderdale Lakes earlier this week.

"Someone just got shot, a guy was towing cars and they shot him," a woman tells a 911 operator in one of the calls released Thursday.

Authorities say the truck driver, 36-year-old David Herr, was shot and killed at the St. Croix apartments at 4150 Northwest 34th Street Tuesday.

The incident began when the management of the apartments called in employees from All County Towing to remove vehicles that were not supposed to be on the property, authorities said.

As Herr was getting ready to tow a Jaguar from the property, the car's owner, identified as Triston Johnson, opened fire, police said.

"He's got the gun in his hand, he shot him, we saw him shoot him," one of the apartment complex's leasing managers says in a 911 call.

"Do you know why he shot him?" the operator asks.

"Because we're towing cars because he doesn't have tags on it," she said. "He shot him in the head and then he walked by him and shot him."

The shots continued as authorities arrived at the complex and exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

"They're still shooting, lock the damn door," the woman is overheard in one of the calls.

"I saw that gentleman, a white man with blood in his mouth," another caller tells a 911 operator.

One Broward Sheriff's deputy was able to hit Johnson.

"This man just got shot, this man and this other man just got shot," a man says in another 911 call. "The um, the tow truck guy I guess was trying to come get somebody's car and he's back there, he just got shot up and the other man is over there trying to lock and load his gun again and he done got shot."

Herr was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Oh my God, this man is dying, oh my God, this man is dying," the caller says.

"Sir, are you near the patient right now?" the operator asks.

"I'm on the fourth floor, I'm back in the house because I just seen the man cock back his gun again," the man responds. "Oh my God, this man is dead."

Johnson remains hospitalized but is expected to face charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder when he's released.

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