911 Operator Helped South Florida Dad Deliver Wife's Baby Boy in Family's Bathroom

Newborn Alex Fernandez came into the world quite unexpectedly – in his Cooper City family’s bathroom.

Francia Macias’s due date was still weeks away when she woke up one morning at 2:30 a.m. feeling pain. She said she and her husband Carlos Fernandez were packing up to go the hospital – but the contractions started coming faster and faster.

She went into labor, and Fernandez found himself guiding his wife through the birth of their son in their bathroom, with the help of 911 operator Simone Smith.

"I get on my knees, I put my hands like this, then I received the baby," said Fernandez, demonstrating how he cradled his wife as she went into labor.

"She started to scream and she wanted to push right away," Fernandez said of their son's birth about three weeks ago.

Alex's first cries were captured in the 911 call Fernandez made. He had a lot of help from the friendly voice on the phone, Smith.

The Broward Sheriff's Office later gave Smith a stork pin to remind her of Alex's birthday. It is certainly one of the most memorable calls she's received in her 11 years of service.

"He immediately told me the baby's head was coming out," Smith said. She added that Fernandez remained calm throughout.

Macias said she couldn't believe how fast the contractions were coming in. While getting ready to head to the hospital, little Alex decided he wouldn't wait any longer.

"It was almost better this way because everyone was involved, as a family to welcome baby home," Macias said in Spanish. His big brother was also there for the birth.

Dad admits he did feel a little nervous.

"At some point I was screaming at the operator because it was a very intense moment," he said.

Spanish is Fernandez's first language so there was a translator on the line to make sure nothing was lost in translation.

He followed Smith's instructions to a T.

"I put the baby on her chest, covered them. I wanted to make sure they were warm," he said.

Together, they brought a healthy baby boy into the world, at home.

"I just want to say congratulations to the family and wish them all the best," Smith said.

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