Florida Woman Accused of Calling 911 for Sex

She grabbed a responding officer's arm and rubbed his chest, police said.

A southwest Florida woman is accused of calling 911 twice while drunk to look for sex.

Police say Maria Montanez-Colon of Punta Gorda called police and said, "There's no emergency; I need to ask you a question."

Colon, 58, asked a question about a Corvette. Police responded to her home at 5601 Almar Drive last Wednesday, Feb. 21, and said it was clear that she had been drinking.

"I'm assuming the alcohol forced her to or coerced her to call 911 and ask her questions," Lt. Joe King of the Punta Gorda Police Depertment said.

Her questions became more inappropriate, police say, and she indicated she wanted to have sex with the responding officer.

She grabbed his arm and rubbed his chest, police said.

"She got away from the questions and tried to get a little personal with our officer on which you know he had no part of," King said.

Police left her with a warning for calling without an emergency, but Colon made another call to 911.

Police came to her house a second time that same night. When police arrived, she said she was upset she was turned down the first time.

She even allegedly admitted to police she knew she shouldn't call 911 that second time but said she had no other way to get that officer back to her house.

She was handcuffed and taken to the Charlotte County Jail. Montanez-Colon faces a charge of misuse of 911, online jail records show. It wasn't immediately known whether she has an attorney.

"It's disturbing, it's a little scary, it's using police resources unnecessarily," King said.  

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