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Amazon Warehouse in Doral Preparing For Last Minute Rush From Customers Using 'Prime Now'



    Amazon Warehouse Prepared For Last Minute Orders

    NBC 6's Melissa Adan takes us inside the Doral warehouse where Prime Now shoppers can get their gifts in time. (Published Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016)

    Inside the Amazon warehouse in Doral, the building is filled with only the most essential goodies that all South Floridians would want delivered to them in record speed using the Prime Now service.

    “This time of year for us is actually our Super Bowl and we call it procrastinators delight,” said regional leader Felipe Millon.

    Shelves are stocked with all kinds of items from books to pull ups, medicine and soda. If you’re a prime now member, any of these items can be delivered to you within one or two hours.

    During the holiday season it can be tough to get your hands on the latest gadgets and toys for your kids or make time to shop for those unexpected last minute gifts. That’s where the fierce competitive world of online shopping comes into play.

    Amazon created this new service that now won’t have you worrying about delivery time - as long as you pay the membership fee of $99.

    “So at 9 PM, you can say ‘you know what let me order that gift for them’ and it will be here within a few hours,” Million said

    Once you’re a member, you can order gifts and treats instantly from your smart phone app – and since the order is processed inside the Miami hub, your delivery will soon appear at your door.

    Once you join, they’re offering a free 30 day trial you can make orders during the holiday season anytime between 8 PM through midnight.

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