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Cops Tussle With Miami Beach Concert Goers

Arrest caught on video as riot nearly erupts on South Beach



    Cops Tussle With Miami Beach Concert Goers
    Things got a bit out of hand outside the Swedish House Mafia show on Miami Beach.

    A wild week for tourists in Miami Beach culminated with a chaotic confrontation between cops and rowdy concert goers Saturday night that was caught on video.

    The brouhaha happened Saturday night outside the Swedish House Mafia show at Funkshion Fashion Week, after 25-year-old Sara Greenback, from Maryland, was thrown out of the show for "unruly behavior," according to a police report.

    Event security pointed Greenback out to a police officer on an ATV, and when the officer went to arrest her, all hell broke loose.

    Cops in Near Riot On South Beach

    Videos posted on YouTube show the officer wrestling with Greenback before throwing her to the sand as a man tried to intervene.

    A security guard grapples with the man, eventually getting him a headlock as the officer attempts to handcuff Greenback, who continues to fight back.

    The video shows a large crowd forming around the action, yelling at the officer and security guard, as they wrestle with Greenback and the man. According to the police report, Greenback and passersby became "very hostile and attempted to surround" him.

    The officer is seen shooting pepper spray into Greenback's face as backup finally arrives to keep the increasingly angry crowd at bay.

    The report said a man, 29-year-old Abelardo Soto, had been throwing sand at the officer and that he was "able to turn the crowd hostile towards officers, as numerous people began fighting with officers."

    According to the report, at some point the officer was hit with a weapon in his head by Soto, causing a deep gash and sending him to the emergency room for stitches.

    Greenback was later charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence. Soto was charged with aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

    Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower thinks all the parties associated with Ultra are not worth the problems.

    "It's good for everybody because the money comes in,” said Bower, who saw the arrest on YouTube. “But if we have to put up with other things like this happening, we don't need that aggravation."

    Police had their hands full with tourists all week, as music lovers descended on Miami Beach for Ultra Music Festival.

    Three California men are accused of raping a woman at the ritzy Fontainebleau hotel last Wednesday after they reportedly met her at a pool party at the Shelbourne hotel. 

    And a man from Virginia died Sunday after he drowned during a pool party at the Clevelander hotel.