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Deja Vu: Crist Suspends Spence-Jones

The Miami City Commission can now appoint a replacement



    Deja Vu: Crist Suspends Spence-Jones

    Gov. Charlie Crist took time out of his busy schedule Thursday dealing with the disaster in Haiti to settle an outstanding issue in Miami: suspending Michelle Spence-Jones.


    Spence-Jones, who won Tuesday's special election to regain her seat on the commission, is fighting Crist in court to block the most recent suspension. A judge has not ruled yet, so Crist took the chance to give her the boot before legal proceedings ever get started.

    This merry-go-round all started in December, when Crist suspended Spence-Jones after she was arrested for allegedly taking public grant money and spending it on a family-owned restaurant and spa business. Spence-Jones has said she is innocent.

    After her release from jail, she then boldly tossed her name in the hat to replace herself on the commission.

    Despite the accusations and arrest, voters in District 5 overwhelmingly support their local leader and voted her back into office. She was scheduled to be sworn in on Saturday, but those plans look to be on hold.

    The City Commission could appoint a replacement for Spence-Jones while she deals with her legal problems. 

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