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Faith to Fertility: One Couple's Journey



    Julianna Guevara battled infertility before becoming pregnant, then she found out she had leukemia. (Published Friday, May 6, 2016)

    A mother-to-be shares her difficult, yet inspirational journey as she battles leukemia during her first pregnancy.

    After battling infertility for years, Julianna Guevara is finally pregnant with a little girl.

    "After 4.5 years of trying for a baby and going through three failed infertility treatments, we got a surprise. The week before Thanksgiving, we found out that we were expecting our first little miracle baby," Julianna said.

    But nothing could prepare her and her husband for what came next.

    "On April 8, I was diagnosed with leukemia after a bone marrow biopsy," Julianna explained.

    She has a rare liver disorder that occurs during pregnancy and was getting blood work when doctors made the discovery, diagnosing her with acute promyelocytic leukemia. Now she'll be spending her first Mother's Day in the hospital.

    "Not exactly how I planned my first Mother's Day but I am excited to have her movements and just be able to call myself a mom this year," she said.

    During a time that's supposed to be celebratory, Julianna has had to endure this pain going through chemo and losing her hair but she has a remarkably positive attitude, even blogging about her experience to inspire others.

    "I want to give people hope. I want to bring awareness to it. Cancer and pregnancy, I mean, that was really new for me. We definitely were not expecting cancer," Julianna explained.

    Through it all, her baby girl, which she calls "little bean," is about 28 weeks along and still safe and sound in her womb.

    "She's a fierce little girl. I mean, I say 'world watch out' because I have no idea what this little girl is going to do. She is one strong girl," Julianna said.

    She said her journey has been tough but her faith and her prayers have kept her strong. She hopes her story will inspire other mothers out there going through similar situations.

    Julianna and her husband, Allen, a Miramar police officer, are thankful for all the support but they want to get the message out to donate blood.

    "I also want to have others donate blood and platelets and plasma. Whatever you can get out of your body, go and donate it to someone in need," Julianna said.

    Besides her faith, Julianna said one other thing has gotten her through: love. She and her husband have been married for seven years, they have traveled the world, and have even been on several mission trips to help during disaster relief.

    Julianna wants to keep sharing her story so her journey isn't in vain. You can read more on blog/vlog and her Facebook page.

    A YouCaring funding page has also been set up to help Julianna and Allen with treatment expenses: Click here.

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