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Handcuffed Woman Steals, Crashes Cop Car

Riviera Beach woman makes not-so great escape



    Handcuffed Woman Steals, Crashes Cop Car

    You're generally out of options when you're handcuffed and sitting in the back of a police squad car, but don't tell that to Crystal Ivory.

    The Riviera Beach woman nearly escaped custody after she squeezed through a window, got in the driver's seat and took off in a cop car Sunday, according to the Palm Beach Post.

    Officers with the Riviera Beach Police Department were responding to a call of a possible sexual assault when they encountered Ivory, the subject of the call.

    According to police, Ivory "may have been experiencing some type of mental illness event due to the nature of actions witnessed by the officers," a police statement said.

    As officers investigated the incident, Ivory was cuffed behind her back and put in the back of a cop car. Somehow she got the cuffs to the front of her body and made her great escape.

    Police say she took off in the car, eventually striking a white pickup and crossing a median before the car came to a stop.

    Both Ivory and the driver of the truck were taken to the hospital. Ivory is expected to be charged in the incident.