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Large Gator Spotted in Miramar Neighborhood

Residents saw 7-foot alligator prowling streets in Miramar



    Floyd Chong said he noticed the 7-foot alligator when he almost ran it over on his way home. He alerted neighbor Josh Sabates, who said he's thankful he still has his leg. Neighbor Patricia Aguas also spoke about the gator spotted prowling in Miramar. (Published Monday, Jan. 7, 2013)

    The search is on for a large alligator that was spotted prowling the streets of a Miramar neighborhood over the weekend.

    Floyd Chong said he noticed the 7-foot reptile when he almost ran his car over it on his way home, inside the Nautica gated community on Southwest 37th Court.

    "Wow, I can’t believe there is an alligator in the neighborhood, right here, and that size alligator," Chong said.

    Chong stayed with the alligator from the street as it made its way to the sidewalk, but once it got there he noticed that a neighbor was running straight into the path of danger – and alerted him.

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    Josh Sabates, who was not harmed, said he and Chong have been hanging out for the past couple of days after the close call.

    “I saw him out here yesterday, and I said 'I’m thankful for my leg, I’m thankful for my leg, Floyd,'" Sabates said.

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    A group of about 30 residents gathered at the scene to take photos of the gator, which was scared off and disappeared into a lake.

    A trapper has been called, but for now caution tape has been put up to keep people away from the water.

    Neighbor Patricia Aguas said she remains concerned.

    “As soon as I found out that gators can get that quick jump out of it, then my kids, I said, no, never too close to the lake," she said.

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