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South Florida's Only Legal Medical Marijuana Facility



    NBC 6's Steve Litz goes inside South Florida's first medical marijuana facility. (Published Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017)

    Bruno Stillo is able to improve his mobility at therapy and with the use of medical cannabis oil. Stillo has a rare form of epilepsy. He used to suffer from seizures, a lot of them.

    His mom, Jacel Delgadillo, said the cannabis oil has been a life changer. “He is not having the 300 a day makes a huge difference, which is why it is the first time I am able to work part-time,” said Delgadillo.

    A medical cannabis facility is now in operation in Miami-Dade County. Scientists and chemists are making medical marijuana, mixing the oil from the plant with safflower oil, ultimately producing the oil.

    Haleigh's Hope is a cannabis oil developed to reduce seizures and spasms.

    Richard Young is in charge of Modern Health Concepts. “We see this as another option for physicians and patients to tackle these tough conditions that they may be suffering from,” said Young.

    Modern Health Concepts is the only dispensing organization in South Florida licensed by the state and legally able to provide medical cannabis.

    At the facility, the product is manufactured and also independently tested.

    The plants are grown indoors at a nursery in Southwest Miami-Dade. The nursery is located near the production facility, which also has a dispensary on the property.

    We are not identifying those locations for security reasons.

    Most clients receive the medicine at home. “We are primarily offering access to our patients through mobile delivery. Patients in these medical conditions need convenience and we are offering that convenience to them,” said Young.

    The organization is an affiliate company to Costa Farms, a nursery in Southwest Miami-Dade that had been in business since the 1960's.

    Two products are offered now, oil in a vial, taken with a dropper and capsules, which are also manufactured at the facility.

    About 25 people work at Modern Health Concepts. They are scientists and healthcare experts on the forefront of Florida's medical cannabis industry.

    “So, I think the value is improvement in quality of life. I think, secondly, it provides an alternative where traditional methods may have not helped them,” said Young.

    That is exactly the situation involving little Bruno. His mother is eager to try the local product.

    “And, the fact that it is here, that it is local, that I have the option of getting it delivered or I might have the option of just going to pick it up, that makes a huge difference. Giving us options,” said Delgadillo.

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