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Wrong Number! Man Sends Sex Photo to 9-Year-Old's Cell Phone

Sexter claims he was sending the picture to someone he was trying to sell a couch to



    Wrong Number!

    A 9-year-old and his family are shocked after seeing pornographic text messages on his phone. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011)

    A Fort Myers man is under investigation after he allegedly sent a pornographic picture to a 9-year-old boy's cell phone. The man claims it was a mistake.

    According to the Ty'Ge Davis' family, the X-rated text came in about a week ago. The third grader showed his grandmother, who was totally shocked even at her advanced age.

    The text message was a picture of a woman performing oral sex on a couch.

    "That was too old for me," Ty'Ge said. "I wasn't ready for that."

    He handed the phone to his grandmother, Dorothy Moore.

    "I am like let me see that text and I am like wow," she told NBC News in Naples.

    Moore sent a reply message informing the texter that the pic had been sent to a little kid, but by then a second explicit picture had come in.

    That's when the unidentified texter claimed he was trying to sell the couch in the picture and it was the only pic he could find of the furniture.

    Davis' family handed his phone to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, which is now investigating the situation.

    "It's puzzling and belittling to me that you can sit there and say this is the only picture you can find to send to somebody advertising a couch," Moore said. "Now that was desperate for a sale if he was going to do that."