Accused Palm Beach County ‘Teen Doctor' Arrested Again

A Florida teen accused of pretending to be a doctor and practicing medicine without a license was back in jail just weeks after his initial arrest.

According to records from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, 19-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested late Tuesday evening on charges of fraud and larceny. He was released Wednesday.

A judge ruled he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Detectives said Love-Robinson charged a woman $3,494 after making five visits to her house when she contacted him online for treatment of stomach pains.

The woman also claimed Love-Robinson called an ambulance to take her to the hospital and suggested she leave her purse behind. She said her bank account had been emptied by the time she was released.

Investigators also said Love-Robinson had forged three checks from her account. He allegedly used the checks to pay for nearly $30,000 in cars and several more thousands in credit card debt.

In a separate case, a car dealership filed a lawsuit seeking $7,200 in damages, plus interest, claiming that Love-Robinson wrote them a bad check for a new car.

Love-Robinson was first arrested Feb. 16 after an undercover agent went to his office, The New Birth New Life Medical Center, and complained of a sore throat, lethargy and sneezing.

Love-Robinson took the woman's temperature and used a stethoscope to check her lungs and heart and told her she was suffering from allergies and should take an over-the-counter medication, according to investigators.

He told her he was a doctor of homeopathic medicine, the report said, and explained that he had a medical doctor on staff to prescribe antibiotics. She signaled to other detectives, who entered the office and arrested Love-Robinson.

In a press conference last month, Love-Robinson said he was "deeply saddened and a little disrespected" by the claims, telling the Associated Press that they were "just allegations."

Love-Robinson's attorney admitted to NBC 6 that this might not be the last time the teen is arrested.

"This might be the end of the charges of what occurs against Mr. Love-Robinson. Though I'm not saying there's additional ones I'm aware of," his attorney said.

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