Activity At Hialeah ‘Ventanita' Walk-Up Windows Limited, Customers Ordered to Wear Masks

Customers must wear face masks when picking up or paying for their orders, and any kind of social gatherings on the premises have been prohibited


The City of Hialeah has issued an order restricting all activity at walk-up service windows, or 'ventanitas', to food delivery and payment in response to the impending risks of South Florida's coronavirus outbreak. Customers of these establishments are also being ordered to wear masks.

The mandate establishes that people must not be allowed to wait for their food orders "at, near or in the vicinity of" the window while their meals are being prepared. The only acceptable uses of the window will be limited to the following activities:

  1. Acceptance of an order form.
  2. Payment of food.
  3. Delivery of food.

If a food order is not ready by the time a customer pays for it, the customer is to wait inside a parked vehicle, and "delivery shall be made by an employee of the food service business establishment at the customer's car," the mandate states.

Customers must wear masks when paying for or picking up their food at the 'ventanitas.' The emergency order also says that people are not allowed to eat food or consume beverages on the premises, and any form of social gatherings near the windows are prohibited.

The order doesn't apply to establishments that offer drive-up or drive-thru services.

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