South Florida

Air Quality Warning Issued for Broward County

An air quality warning continues for Broward County after an elevated level of air pollution was detected in the county.

The county's Air Quality Program issued the warning Wednesday, saying high levels of the pollutant ozone were recorded starting Tuesday, and officials forecast a further increase in ozone concentrations through the weekend.

The air pollution levels are unhealthy for sensitive groups, which include young children, the elderly, persons with respiratory ailments, and individuals who exercise vigorously, the county's Air Quality Program said. When there are elevated ozone readings, county officials advise residents to limit outside activities whenever possible.

"We just want to make sure that if you are having some issues, if you are in the sensitive groups that you listen to the warnings, that you take precautions," Natural Resource Administrator Monica Pognon said.

Pognon says South Florida typically experiences ozone season from April to early June, so this is not uncommon. There are four monitoring sites across Broward and the air quality index is constantly changing based on heat, sunlight, and humidity.

"This week has been incredibly dry. humidity has been really low and we've had this beautiful sunlight. it's just prime conditions for ozone formation," Pognon said.

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